"Pig" And 5 Other Mischievous Animals Who Got Arrested

“Pig,” the aggressive porker from Michigan, isn’t the only animal who's had a brush with law.

If you have been following our piggy story, you will get a kick out of this. Officer Treworgy just sent me this "post arrest" video of the "perp". You can hear Tree say something like " yup, that's in my police car"..... Almost like he's trying to convince himself that there is actually a pig in the back of his patrol car. Lol!

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Friday, May 29, 2015

A pig on the lam was recently arrested in Shelby Township, Michigan, for acting aggressively toward a woman and chasing her around her garden.

As ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV reports, it was only after the porker got distracted by a mystic globe lawn ornament that Debbie DeRiemaecker could call the cops.

"We were able to corral the pig," Deputy Chief Mark Coil told Detroit News. "It was returned to the owner without incident."

As the police put Pig – originally named Daisy – in the back of their police car, the mischievous hog pulled a wicked smile for the camera. Not only that, he also protested his arrest by defecating everywhere inside the vehicle.

Police take stray pig into custody outside Detroit-area home

"Just when you think after 25 years in the business you’ve seen it all, you get a call from a shift commander telling you that we have corralled a pig," Deputy Chief Mark Coil said. "Officers responded and were able to detain the pig and get him in the back seat of the patrol car."

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As bizarre as it may be, it wasn’t the first time an animal was apprehended by law enforcement officials. Here are some similar and equally unusual cases:

Oscar – the Asbo cat

Animals Getting Arrested

Once known as the “meanest cat of Britain,” Oscar – a 5-year-old Turkish van cat – injured neighbor Tom Ridgeway so badly the 77-year-old had to spend an entire week in a hospital.

The cat was slapped with the feline equivalent of an anti-social behavior order and placed under house arrest.

The “killer cow” of Nigeria

The killer cow of Nigeria

In June 2005, police in Nigeria arrested a cow after it attacked a bus driver from behind as he was urinating on a highway near the country's commercial city of Lagos.

"As the man fell down, the cow repeatedly hit him with its hooves and horns until he died," spokesman Olubode Ojajuni tolds the AFP news agency.

Lorenzo the “drug cartel” parrot

In September 2010, Lorenzo the parrot was arrested in Colombia after it was reportedly caught trying to tip-off a local drug cartel.

"This parrot was sending out alerts," said police officer Hollman Oliveira. "You could say he was some sort of watch bird."

The “lawless” New Jersey goat

The “lawless” New Jersey goat

A kid was taken into custody in New Jersey on a litany of charges, including disorderly behavior, trespass and first-degree larceny in April.

The “spy pigeon” of Pakistan

A pigeon was arrested in India for espionage charges after it was found by a 14-year-old boy, who noticed markings in Urdu – the national language of Pakistan.

Previously in 2010, another “spy” pigeon was also apprehended in India. As a payback, Pakistani law enforcement officials detained Bobby the monkey in 2011 for crossing the border between the two hostile neighbors.

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