Here’s What Happens When Wild Animals See Themselves In A Mirror

Mirrors bring out the best and worst in everyone – even animals.

Accidentally catching sight of yourself in the mirror can be frightening, so you can only imagine how scary and confusing it must be to come across your reflection in a mirror for the first time.

An innovative French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre recently conducted an experiment in Gabon, Africa, to find out what happens when animals are confronted with their mirror image. He strategically placed camera traps and mirrors in several locations to film the interaction.

Animals in Mirrors

Luckily, his efforts resulted in some incredible footage.

Several animals, including gorillas, leopards, elephants and chimpanzees, were caught on camera, reacting in wildly different ways. While some expressed confusion, fear and curiosity, some appeared to admire their reflections. However, there were some animals that just couldn’t deal with it all and tried to punch their identical twin more than once.

So as it turns out, we humans aren’t the only ones who behave strangely in front of the mirror.

Check out the video posted above to watch the hilarious ways the animals reacted in front of the mirrors.

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