Hey Born-Agains And Other Radicals, The Internet Will Come Back To Haunt You

A Kodak moment that this extremist desperately regrets.

Anjem Choudary may not be as notorious as Osama bin Laden or Mullah Omar of the Taliban fame, but he has still carved out quite an ill repute for himself, thanks to his radical religious views.

In a nutshell, he is a Londoner who wants to forcefully impose Sharia law in Europe, has praised 9/11 terrorists and is an avid supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS).

That's our guy:

But he wasn't born this way. There was a time when Choudary was a lawyer, had a career and used to be an overall fun guy to hang around with. In fact, he used to be a regular at local pubs back in the day. It's hard to imagine a religious fanatic consuming alcoholic beverages in public, but this really happened.

This is him when he was a regular at bars:

Choudary said a few years ago that anyone who consumes alcohol in Britain should be given 40 lashes in public. Well, we're all in for that, but let's start with you Mr. Anjem.

Clearly embarrassed by the follies of his youth, he even tried to get these images removed from the Internet, but guess what? It only got them noticed even more – the Streisand effect and all.

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