Anonymous Publishes KKK Emails & Phone Numbers, Should We Rejoice?

About 40 alleged Ku Klux Klan members' emails and phone numbers have been published online, with the promise of more to come. But is a massive cyber hack really the way to go?

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has released the email addresses and phone numbers of 40 alleged active Ku Klux Klan members.

Last week, the group announced in a press release that it would be unveiling KKK members’ identities and they have officially made good on that promise. Although they haven’t offered up 1,000 identities as originally announced, they are set to release more on Nov. 5.

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This massive hack comes as a response to the KKK’s threat to use “lethal force” against protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. The list released by Anonymous includes politicians and public figures along with regular civilians and of course, law enforcement.

Naturally, people are already calling for the resignation and termination of all the politicians listed.

As much as we hate … no, abhor … no, detest the KKK, something still feels wrong about this.

For some reason, I don’t believe if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today he would be in favor of this blatant disregard for the human right to privacy.

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What is going to become of this hack other than confrontation, death threats, attacks, loss of jobs and other destructive encounters?

We want to expose injustice, we want to disband the KKK for good … but is this really the way to go about it?

Not to mention, several people from the list will undoubtedly speak out and deny their affiliation with the hate group so how will we REALLY know who is telling the truth or who just wants to keep hiding their bigoted beliefs?

It doesn’t seem like violating these individuals right to privacy and putting their families’ lives at risk — who may not even hold the same beliefs as their alleged KKK relative — makes us any better than them.  

Anonymous has received praise on Twitter for releasing this information. The hashtags #OpKKK and #HoodsOff are flooding with positive reactions from activists and others who say it’s about time we see who is perpetuating oppression and hatred, stifling the country’s progression and unity.

Although Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement advocated for non-violence, and this hack isn’t necessarily “violent,” I think the overall notion of making a conscious choice not to hurt others to get what you want still applies here.

Nonetheless, the information is out now and what happens from here on out is yet to be determined. But despite my uneasy feeling about this, I do hope it contributes to the obliteration of the group. 

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