We Bet This Man Won’t Be Bullying Anyone Anytime Soon

Who doesn’t want to teach a bully a lesson? Well here’s one that the baddy won’t soon forget.

It’s swift and it’s effective and lands the bully straight on his back baffled; wondering what hit him. Well what hit him is exactly what he deserved.

Hats off to the guy being bullied: he didn’t lose his cool and delivered a clean blow.

The video shows a sissy of a bully (yes; it may sound like a contradiction but all bullies are actually nothing but sissies) harassing a street vendor and pushing his cart over the edge of a boardwalk.

The video is definitely worth a watch and a lesson in A-Class Street fighting.

A Really Inspiring Watch: Fifth Grade Football Team Teaches Us How To Deal With Bullying

Bullying is a social menace that unfortunately thrives in our society way more than we would like to think. Every day, thousands of kids dread going about living their lives due to the fear of being bullied. News of children committing suicides, self harm and of them suffering from other social issues because of bullying may be sad but they are unfortunately frequent.

And then there are cases of people we trust our children with the most being the culprits as well.

A Case in Point: Teacher Caught Bullying 13-Year-Old Student In Horrifying Video

Though the word bullying usually brings images of young children and teens being shoved around and emotionally traumatized; the menace transcends all age groups.

News of institutional bullying in no less than the NFL made rounds last year; many were shocked to associate the two but that it is a fact cannot be denied by any. If anything the video above proves how bullying is not just some power tactics used by kids.

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