High School Footballer's Inspirational Interview Gets Songified

Forget Lady Gaga. Forget Miley Cyrus. Apollos Hester is the real deal.

Even though several pop superstars are on sabbaticals, the year 2014 has still managed to give us a lot of pop hits. But none of them compare to the songified version of high school footballer Apollos Hester's now famous post-game interview.

The East View High School running back's inspiring words went viral a few days ago, and so YouTube's famous Gregory Brothers decided to "Songify This!"

It made perfect sense since Hester's galvanizing speech had everything from rhyming words to perfect articulation and even direct interaction with the camera.

Auto-tuned versions of non-melodic speeches are usually fun for a one-time play, but something tells us that Apollos Hestor's "Scoreboard" might just become a permanent stay in your playlist.

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