Apparently The UK Is Scared Of Gingers

What is this, the 1500's? A 17-year old girl in the UK has just been banned from school for her hair being 'too red'.

Emily Reay, UK, Ginger, Red Hair

Emily Reay, although naturally has auburn hair, has had her hair a bright, red color for nearly three years, and no one has said anything to her before.

Now, as she gets ready for senior exams, her teachers at the Trinity School in Carlisle have told her to change her hair to a more 'appropriate color'.

Since when is having red hair inappropriate? Sure, green, blue, or purple hair might not be seen as 'proper', but red hair is a perfectly natural color! Unless of course, you live in the middle ages and think that red-heads hail from Satan or something of that nature...

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Although Emily won 'best hairstyle' at her prom with her hair even a few shades brighter than it was when she got banned, her school has no tolerance for this kind of 'nonsense'.

Emily's hair color is very important to her because to her friends and family, she is known as the 'young ginger singer'. Without her hair being the way it is, well, that name just wouldn't fly.

Hopefully her school will come to their senses and realize that number one, red hair is perfectly natural, and number two, the school should just suck it up and deal with it because Emily is graduating soon.

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