'April Fools' Joke Was No Joke For This BMW Winner

This woman was skeptical about an April Fool's joke, but the joke was on her! (In the best way possible).

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A woman in New Zealand is either the smartest woman alive or the most gullible, for buying into an April Fool's joke that most people would ignore.

Tianna Marsh was among many New Zealander's who saw an ad in the New Zealand Herald, offering an 'April Fool's Day' trade-in special for the first person who brought the ad and their current car, into the dealership.

Most people wouldn't believe such craziness-being that it is April Fool's Day. 

However, Tianna thought it was worth a try. She showed up at the dealership at 5:30 AM, front page of the paper in her hand and her car. She walked out with a BMW 1 Series, worth $50,000. 

Tianna said good-bye to her 15-year old station wagon, and hello to a brand new, beautiful car. 

The dealership is hoping to encourage more dealerships across the country, and the world, to do a good deed like this one every so often.

Congratulations, Tianna!

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