Arby’s Thanks Jon Stewart For Years of Trash-Talk

Arby's created a farewell video of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart's best clips as a no hard feelings farewell gesture to the iconic comedian.

For two years, "The Daily Show" host has poked fun at Arby’s hilariously describing its food as “the meal that's a dare for your colon.” Yet despite the trash-talk, the fast food chain has created a video montage of Jon Stewart’s best insults to the tune of the Golden Girls theme song as a no hard feelings farewell gesture as Stewart wraps up his last night of hosting on Thursday.

Although the comedian has mercilessly ridiculed Arby’s with jabs like “you think pain and grief are hard to digest," and “"Arby's, for when you're wondering what it tastes like when a cow dies,”  the company has set aside any grievances and even bought two advertisements that aired Wednesday.

The video and ads from Arby's, despite the consistent verbal abuse, proves how influential Stewart is as a host for the late-night show. After 16 years, Stewart has become the political and cultural icon for America's youth and his satirical allure has captured audiences even beyond that spectrum. 

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