Are You A Wannabe James Bond? Check This Out

A unique business offers its mostly wealthy clientele fulfillment through simulated espionage-type scenarios.

Welcome to Secret Me, a business that teaches mental resilience through lessons in espionage and special-forces military training.

And what, exactly, do you learn? Well, the kinds of skills familiar to any fan of James Bond, Jason Bourne or the string of resourceful tough guys actor Liam Neeson has portrayed in films like The Gray and Taken. One package includes instruction in firearms, on how to kill with everyday objects like pens and even how to create a Bond-worthy shaken-but-not-stirred cocktail.

Of course, none of this is cheap -- a basic package will run you about $17,000, while a week-long simulated "mission" will set you back almost $70,000. And the prices go even higher for those clients who opt for custom-made adventures that may involve foreign locales, helicopters,speedboats and other classic elements of a spy caper. Just remember, the government will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

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