Llama Drama 2015: Two Escaped Llamas Captivate The Nation

The quest for freedom for two llamas has turned the camelids into celebrities.

Llama Drama 2015

The world has gone crazy over the epic story of two quick-footed llamas that escaped a show-and-tell presentation in Phoenix, Arizona, and embarked on their own quest for freedom, successfully eluding authorities for quite some time.

A big white llama and a smaller black one ran rampant through the streets of Sun City for almost an hour, dashing in and out of the traffic, subsequently driving the general public and media wild with excitement. 

Choppers were called, the National Guard alerted and the social media struck gold with the news.

A Fox News presenter – and his entire studio crew – was so excited with this high-profile drama, that he even refused to cut off for more commercial breaks and even confirmed that “black llamas are faster than humans.”

Also, it seemed like he was cheering on the animals to get away from the clutches of authorities and flee into sunset together, because at one point he can be clearly heard saying, “The black llama and the white llama have reunited, and it feels so good.”

Check out their coverage below:

As soon as the police captured one of the llamas, the hunt for the second fugitive animal began, and Fox News covered the whole thing as over-zealously as they did before. 

“The llama is better than you,” the presenter says as the escaped animal continued to evade the authorities.

Apparently, the animals were brought to a retirement enclave in Phoenix area for a therapy visit to the residents.

Even United States' Northern Command had something to say in the matter:

And that wasn’t the end of this drama.

CNN was so inspired by this unforgettable chase, that they brought in an actual llama in their studio and conducted a live interview with it. The celebrity llama is named “Pierre” and has appeared on Saturday Night Live along with some other TV shows.

Watch the video posted below to see channel’s out-of-the-ordinary segment. 

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