This Heartwarming Photo Shows You Don't Need Arms To Hug

When there’s a will there’s a way. Be prepared to be awed by the adorable moment an armless girl meets her inspiration.

This beautiful moment shows one doesn’t need arms to embrace someone or connect with them.

3-year-old Ruth Evelyn Pranke, also known as "RE," was born without arms and had recently begun to complain to her mother saying she “wanted arms.”

Her mother decided to bundle RE into the car for a six-hour drive to help her daughter meet the inspirational first-ever armless pilot, Jessica Cox. She wanted her daughter to see that she could still achieve her dreams.

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Cox and RE met at the July 24 premiere of the documentary Right-Footed, based on Cox’s journey to become a pilot. The moment the two saw and hugged each other was caught on camera and has taken the Internet by storm. 

Cox is an inspiration to thousands of people with disabilities. She is the first armless black belt in the American Taekwondo Association. She also plays the piano, drives a car, uses a computer and performs all regular activities such as brushing her teeth and writing, all with her right foot.

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The armless pilot signed a poster for RE that read “RE, you can do anything! Love, your Right-Footed Friend.”

Needless to say, the meeting has boosted the little girl’s spirits and given her new hope.

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