Homeless Dogs In A High-Stakes Photo Shoot For A New Home

May, 27, 2014: No home for old dogs? It's time to change that mentality.

Like everyone else, domestic dogs deserve to live in their own homes, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Some canines either scour the streets for food or end up in a shelter where life can be difficult. That is, until a savior comes along and adopts them.

A Hungarian photographer named Sarolta Ban has taken it upon herself to find new owners for homeless dogs from all over the world. She photographs dogs at animal shelters and then edits them so they become irresistible for animal enthusiasts.

Here are some of the animals she has helped out:


This here is Tanya, who had been homeless for her entire life of seven years. Abandoned at a no-kill shelter in New York at just six months of age, nobody came to the dog’s rescue till Sarolta arrived with her camera, snapped a picture and posted it online.

Her new family:



Sami is a beautiful, sensitive and lovely young dog from Jumilla, Spain. Check out how Sarolta turned a simple image into one that would melt anyone's heart.


Zé and Phebo

Zé and Phebo, aka the "Two Blacks," live at a shelter in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They're still looking for someone to come and take them.



At 100 pounds, this one-and-a-half-year-old Labrador is big, but not as big as Sarolta makes him look in her photo. Thanks to this image, Tucker has now found a new home.



Petti is not exactly homeless, as she lives in a temple in Thailand, but she is still looking for a new owner.



Bounder has all his bags packed and is ready to leave for his new home at a moment's notice. Who wouldn't get curious about this canine after seeing his picture?



This playful mutt was rescued from the streets of Pelotas, Brazil, when he was just 40 days old. Since then, he has been living with a temporary owner and is still looking for someone to make him his – permanently.



The chubby Jasmine lived for four years in Tappancstanya in Szeged, Hungary, before Sarolta made her the focus of a photo that eventually got her a new owner.

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