This Woman Can Transform Into An Easter Bunny Using Her Insane Makeup Skills

Those who have trouble applying winged eyeliner should bow down to this woman.


London-based makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa has an uncanny ability to transform herself into an unbelievably detailed Easter bunny – complete with blue eyes and a bow tie – only using her bag of makeup and mad expertise.

The mother of two doesn’t even use any prosthetics or special effects to support her unique makeup style. In addition to that, it only took her three hours to complete the entire face painting – which actually bears a resemblance to the white rabbit from Alice in the Wonderland.

Lucky for us, during her transformation, the 41-year-old stopped every 20 minutes to snap a picture of her progress.

Here is the entire process of her makeover.

She also uploaded this terrifying video that will give you nightmares for days to come.

Malone-Guerbaa has earned quite a name for herself with her incredible set of talents. Currently, the artist has a little more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.

“It's amazing to see other people enjoying my work. I can't quite put into words how flattering it is and it makes the whole thing worthwhile,” she said. “One lady even got in touch who'd been inspired to try it out herself. That was the pinnacle for me: It was so humbling to think that my work had inspired someone else to do the same thing.”

In the past, she has also turned herself into an owl.

And everyone’s favorite feline, the Grumpy cat.

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