A Delicious World: Tiny People’s Fruity Adventures Would Leave You Stunned

June 30, 2014: These fruity scenes are tasty as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Besides great taste, fruit and vegetables are just plain lovely to look at with wonderful colors and shapes. From an aesthetic point of view, these natural edibles have everything required to be used for artistic purposes. However, not many take their creativity there.

Brazilian artist William Kass is one of those rare creative minds who have stepped into this untapped gold mine. In his “Minimize – Food” photo series, he has created entertaining miniature scenes using fruit, vegetables, seeds, ice cream and other edibles

By turning red chilies into a goalpost, water melon into a cemetery and coconut into a fishing pond, Kass has introduced tiny people to an incredible world. The best of his edible art from the said series can be seen down below:

Top of the Corn


PEANUT junkyard


Indoor Climbing


Titanic Ice Cream


Radioactive Candy Drops


Tomato time capsule




KitKat Garden


Gravity inside a Milk Box


Sugar Diamonds


Water Melon Cemetery


Orange Pool

Kass' work seems a bit similar to Christopher Boffoli's famed "Big Appetites" series, but it doesn't make it any less amazing. 

To view more of Kass' art, visit either his Facebook page or his website.

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