Artists Create Stunning Images That Come To Life When Inverted

Artists inverse the colors of their drawings for incredibly amazing results.

Artists are using an incredibly creative technique that bring their images to life in a unconventional way. They draw their images which may look somewhat unfinished or discolored, but invert those images on a photo editor such as Photoshop where they come to life. If you're not familiar with photo inversion, it's a filter than turns all the whites to black, the blacks to white, etc. It changes colors to the inverse of the original color. Some of these are just pencil drawings, but when the inverse is created, the results are just spectacular. Just check out how amazing these images turned out.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe


David BeckhamDavid Beckham




Inverted art painted on an actual face

Inverted art painted






Loki from ThorLoki Thor inverted art


A monkey in a tie and hatmonkey inverted art

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