Artists Meme Out On Facebook Photo Of Collapsed Cement Wall

Artist Mirabelle Jones and her friends decided to have a little fun with a photo Jones took of a collapsed cement wall.

What is the proper and considerate response when a wall between a friend's warehouse and the neighboring cement factory collapses? A phone call? Cookie delivery? Maybe just give them their space? Or would that be appropriate, given that their problem is suddenly too much space?

I should mention that the wall collapse damaged several cars and knocked over a basketball hoop, so that's a double bummer.

If you answered that the correct response was to take a picture and then spend the rest of the day having fun with Photoshop, you are correct. Next, you should post the original and your work on Facebook, so that your friends can have at it too. You may think that this is a subjective matter, but the evidence provided by photographer, artist and general mischief enthusiast Mirabelle Jones suggests otherwise.

Here is the original, unPhotoshopped collapsed wall (PHOTO:Mirabelle Jones):

viral, collapsed cement wall, photoshop

Those giant blocks look sort of like toy construction materials when their scattered around like that, but they are cement and very serious. Almost as serious as Mount Rushmore (Mirabelle Jones):

collapsed cement wall, viral,

On second thought, what really felled the wall was one of those big wooly mammoth things from Star Wars. Sand people can be really inconsiderate sometimes (Mirabelle Jones):

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

Did you think we were done with Star Wars? We're never done with Star Wars. You'll be taking your kids to the 12th J.J. Abrams installment where they go back in time and fix all the bad parts of the Episodes I-III (Mirabelle Jones).

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

If your sci-fi film nostalgia lies on the other side of the Pacific, Erin Samedi, who saw Jones' post on Facebook and got in on the action, has you covered. I'm kind of burying the lead here with this wall story, seeing as Godzilla was simultaneously eating a train.

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

And seriously, your wall can't even stand an attack from a catapult? Why even build the wall? You know that one day the cement factory next door is going to try to take you over with the best weapons available. Great foresight, guys.

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

It's not good to live in the same neighborhood as the Hulk. You never know what's going to set that guy off. Seriously, two days before this he was talking about how much he loves co-ops.

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

Can we all agree that the Koolaid guy is way scarier than the Incredible Hulk? I'm going to have nightmares about that thing breaking down my wall and doing some creepy dance. (Artist gave permission, but prefers to remain anonymous)

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

It's always a bummer when this happens. That's why I follow Dragon Watch on twitter. You want to know where these things are so you aren't home when they come knocking. (Same artist as Koolaid image. Hint: the artist may or may not be one of the senators from Oklahoma).

cement wall, collapsed cement wall, viral

Turns out the collapsed wall was only the beginning of the bad news that befell Los Angeles that day (anonymous artist, who may or may not have dated Bjork):

Normal size Grumpy Cat: adorable. Huge Grumpy Cat: still adorable. Also a problem, but the sort of problem you don't mind having, because it's so adorable.

I have been trained by certain much-beloved friends that if it's bad-ass and has a squid face, it's probably Cthulu. Or maybe this is from that 90s Gargoyles show from one of the episodes I didn't see. If it is, I'm Netflixing that tonight. (Erin Samedi)

Alright, you want the truth? The truth is that David Hasselhoff showed up and the wall just fell apart because the wall couldn't handle it. It's cool, wall. Hasselhoff has that happen all the time. Dude can barely order something at a restaurant without anyone dropping a plate. (Anonymous artist, who might be wanted in Prague)

Much thanks to Mirabelle Jones, Erin Samedi, and the nameless wonder. You folks cannot be contained by any barriers.

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