AT&T U-Verse Commercial Features Hilariously Bad Fake Movie Posters

The brilliant minds at AT&T came up with some original posters for fake movies. They’re hilariously bad.

AT&T is promoting its new online streaming service that people will make accounts for, and then never use. A problem AT&T U-Verse seems to have run into is that they are unable to use actual movie posters from movies due to copyright rules. Instead, the brilliant minds at AT&T came up with some original posters for fake movies. They’re awesomely hilarious.

Click here for a larger picture. Credit to Reddit for the image.

AT&T U-Verse users can start their movie search with I Ride The Bus, a heart-warming tale of an aging Asian woman who comes to love the quirky patrons she shares a bus with, as well as herself.

Once the tears are wiped away, AT&T viewers can hop over to Big Bob, which claims, “Sometimes the little things are what’s most important.” Indeed, Big Bob promises even bigger laughs as viewers will see that even the smallest men can have the biggest hearts!

Those looking for something more educational need to check out Waiting for the sharks: a film about water. In this in-depth look at the shark-infested waters of the Pacific, viewers will come to learn the perils of shark endangerment. The film has received controversy over its nine-hour run time with only 12 seconds of shark footage. Watch the film to join the discussion!

 And of course, no fake movie night would be complete without Oscar favorite, Spotlight, a breathtaking drama about Mark Sampson, a 20th century Broadway star born without eyeballs. Sampson can feel the warmth of the spotlight on him, and uses that ability to make it as one of the all-time greats.

All that and more is available on AT&T U-Verse, coming soon.

Which (fake) movie looks best to you? Let us know, and maybe even come up with your own personal plot in the comments. I haven’t seen Under a Tree, but I hear it’s pretty good; give me a recap.

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