Daredevil Surfs An Actual Wave On His Dirt Bike [VIDEO]

Motorcycles and the ocean don't usually go together, but stunt master Robbie Maddison rides the waves on his bike.

Could taking on a huge wave on a motorbike be the end of his life?

Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison, most famous for his insanely impressive motorbike stunts, grew up surfing. Little did he know that his childhood hobby paired with his motorbike stunt skills would lead him to doing something so crazy one day.

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Known as "Pipe Dream" on YouTube, Maddison put his first video out, showing him riding one of the biggest waves in Tahiti. It took a crazy vision, a lot of practice – and a highly modified bike – but Maddison finally did what seemed impossible by riding his bike on water.

"People said 'it's a pipe dream', 'it's never going to happen' and that's how a lot of people looked at this thing and that's the vibe I've got from a lot of people,” Maddison stated.

He donned fully equipped motorbike gear before taking on the stunt.

“I honestly thought that might be the end of my life,” the daredevil said.. “I’ve never felt like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time more than I did right there. It was a near-death experience.”

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Thankfully, Maddison came out of the stunt alive and well and is the first person to surf waves on a dirt bike.


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