Aussie's Jaw-Dropping Resemblance To T.Swift Has The World In Awe

An Australian teen looks nearly identical to her idol, Taylor Swift, and she's becoming almost as famous too.

Everybody looks like somebody, right? But imagine how awesome it would be to look exactly like one of the world’s biggest pop stars and praised humanitarians.

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Olivia, 19, from Australia looks almost identical to ... wait for it ... Taylor Swift! The Aussie teen recently dyed her dark brown locks blonde and got it cut into a short bob-like style, similar to T. Swift's. With the new do, the resemblance became remarkably uncanny.


A photo posted by Liv ?? (@olivia_oblivious) on


Before the hair change ... 


A photo posted by Liv ?? (@olivia_oblivious) on

 ... After the hair change! 

Anyone can copy a celebrity’s hairstyle and it doesn’t mean they’re going to come out looking just like them, but Olivia happens to have the baby blue eyes and slim physique along with the innocent and demure facial features to match the real T. Swift. 

The resemblance got her noticed by many social media users; she was even featured in an issue of Woman’s Day.


Um... So I'm in Woman's Day. #noitsliv #whateven #taylorswift @womansdayaus

A photo posted by Liv ?? (@olivia_oblivious) on

She was also stopped by fans for photos when she recently attended Swift’s 1989 World Tour stop in Melbourne.

“It took us an hour to walk a 10-minute trip because once I stopped for one photo, 20 others would ask," she reportedly told BuzzFeed. "It was crazy.”

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Olivia got to meet her famous twin after the show on Dec. 11 and took a back to back photo with her in which you can’t even tell who’s who at first glance!


My two main babes. @taylorswift @_kristy_lee_ #loft89 #1989tourmelbourne #charliesangels #noitsliv #tayliv

A photo posted by Liv ?? (@olivia_oblivious) on

She's surely reveling in all the attention she has gotten since revealing she is T. Swift's long-lost Doppelganger, especially because she most likely gets a ton of special treatment and free stuff from people thinking she's the real deal!  


A photo posted by Liv ?? (@olivia_oblivious) on

She's even got the paparazzi fooled! 


When you get papped😜 #taylorswift #noitsliv

A photo posted by Kristy Lee (@_kristy_lee_) on

Banner Photo Credit: Instagram @_kristy_lee_ 

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