A Beer, A Giant Spider And An Australian Make The Gross Party Trick Of All Time

“They don’t call you spider muncher for nothin’.”

Pub parties are perhaps the most appropriate place for people to pull out their set of weird party tricks without fear of judgment from their friends. However in this one instance, one partygoer's trick sets a new level of absurd among his circle. 

In a video that surfaced recently on the Internet, a man is shown capturing a huge huntsman spider during a pub party. After picking it up, he drowns the creature in his glass of beer. While some of the people ask him to leave the poor thing alone, the cheers of "eat it up" seems to prompt him to do the unimaginable.

After draining the beer, he proceeds to pull out the still alive spider from his glass and puts it into his mouth, while cries of disgust and cheers simultaneously erupt behind him.

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“They don’t call you spider muncher for nothin’,” says someone in the background as the man pulls out a hairy piece of left over spider from his mouth and feeds it to a friend in an act of generosity.

Huntsman spiders are also called "giant crab spiders" due to their size and appearance, and they are rarely known to attack humans unless provoked.

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