Australian Airport Security Can't Contain This Kangaroo (Video)

A kangaroo hopped all around an Australian airport parking lot while security officials chased it around but were unable to corral or direct the fast-hopping mammal. It's worth a watch.

A kangaroo got loose in an airport parking lot in (naturally) Australia. Security officials, despite cultural stereotypes, were not sure what to do about the 'roo, other than to try and corner it, which they did, but each time the kangaroo hopped away. It was only when the kangaroo started to lick its arms, which everyone knows is a sign of stress (I do it all the time), that security called in a kangaroo expert to corral the hopper. The kangaroo expert (who is hilarious for reasons I can't put my finger on) explained that the damage done to the kangaroo by hopping on the cement parking lot may have actually saved it from jumping over the railing.

The only downside is that this is apparently newsworthy in Australia. One would hope that kangaroos pop up all over the place in Australia, grocery stores, bars, dentist's offices... I guess they can't all be as entertaining as this one.

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