If You Found 'Jaws' Terrifying, You May Never Be Able To Dive Into Open Waters After This

June 13, 2014: This has got to be one of the scariest underwater videos out there.

Great white sharks have captured our imagination and freaked us out for so long that they have even found lead roles in some horror flicks, especially the 1975 blockbuster "Jaws."

So, imagine what happened to an unsuspecting guy who came face to face with the man-eating predator while on a beach earlier this week.

Terry Tufferson had gone to the Sydney Harbour to dive from the spot's famous Jump Rock.

He strapped his GoPro camera to his head, but as soon as he dipped into the water, his friends at the top yelled out "shark" and pointed behind him.

In a matter of seconds, Tufferson went below the surface of water and there his camera recorded the first glimpse of the great white. Panic set in, as he tried to swim his way out of the water.

But what good is a shark if it doesn't at least sniff his meal? Moments later, Tufferson went under water again, and this time the giant fish came within inches of making contact with his hand. Luckily, he escaped this terrifying encounter unharmed.

Since it was posted online, the video has gone viral and has stirred up a new debate. The video's content is hard to believe for some conspiracy theorists, who suspect that Tufferson might have doctored the footage.

Check it out up top and let us know what you think.

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