Watch Aussie Cyclist’s Eerie Encounter With Zombie Kangaroos

What do you do when you come across a group of silent, motionless kangaroos staring at you? You take out your camera and run for your life.

Is there a Kangaroo apocalypse on the horizon? Let’s hope not.

Australian cyclist Ben Vezina was innocently riding through the Hawkstowe Park in Victoria when all of a sudden he found himself surrounded by a group of eastern grey kangaroos.

Now, this might be an ordinary sight in Australia, but the usually benign creatures thoroughly spooked him by stopping in the middle of grazing and staring him down in a scene which seemed to be straight out of a bad horror flick.

Luckily, he was thoughtful enough to capture the entire experience on camera.

“I’m going to be honest, I’m a little bit terrified,” Veniza can be heard whispering in the video, calling the unnerving scene a “kangaroo apocalypse.”

Fortunately, he made it out and lived to tell the tale.

Watch the eerie encounter in the video above.

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