Another Idiot Deems It Appropriate To Mess With a Shark

How much damage could a man-eating shark really do?


With urban myths surrounding various shark attack stories, it’s easy to portray the animal as completely predatory – where the victim is simply an unfortunate case of someone whose curiosity got the better of him. A new video has emerged on YouTube showing an Australian man jumping onto a tiger shark as part of a dare his friend challenged him to.

The clip starts with the daredevil's friend egging him on to jump on the shark below their boat.

Despite what common sense would dictate, he agrees to do it, carelessly saying: "It's only a man-eater." Maybe man-eaters can’t do much damage to such a foolish man?

His friend filming the interaction added: "It will only take your arm off. Don't be shy."

A few seconds later, with the shark just a few feet away from the boat, the man dove into the water. It was simply pure luck that he did not get attacked. But judging by the difficulty he had in getting back on board, it seems he had no idea what he was doing.

Instances of people – especially Australians – messing around with sharks have become common these days. Just a few days ago a man made international news when he jumped over the carcass of a whale with a bunch of sharks swarming nearby. That man escaped fine because the whale was dead, and it is likely that this dude will too. Too bad there isn't a fine for a complete lack of common sense.

Authorities need to look into this matter seriously because harassing sharks seems to be becoming a trend Down Under.

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