Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Adorable Penguin Sweaters To Save Their Lives

After an oil spill, australia's oldest man knits adorable sweaters for penguins to protect the birds.

Tiny Penguins in Tiny Sweaters

Alfred “Alfie” Date is 109 years old, but he’s still working and giving back to the world.

After he heard about Philips Island’s Penguin Foundation request for penguin sweaters, he told Channel Nine News that he just couldn’t say no.

Alfie started knitting about 80 years ago and is still putting that skill to good use. While the penguins do look absolutely adorable in their outfit, the sweaters aren’t meant to be a fashion statement.

Tiny Penguins in Tiny Sweaters

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The request for jumpers came after an oil spill that injured several penguins. The oil mats the outside feathers and allows water to soak through in a way that is harmful for the birds. The oil makes them cold and hinders their hunting ability. The birds also swallow the oil when they pick at their feathers.

These sweaters are one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect the birds after an oil spill.

The foundation received an enormous amount of sweaters following their public request, so thankfully they now have more than enough. 

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