Autistic Fan Sarah Makes Tom Hanks Scrapbook And Meets Him (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks is awesome and the video above is a proof.

It features him going through a scrapbook made by an autistic fan. The description of the video reads:

Sarah saved all the things she could find about Tom Hanks over the years. Here he is going through her binder of past memories. He was so gracious to look through it and make a big fuss. Watch Sarah in the mirror! She is delighted.

Sarah is indeed one lucky fan who actually got a chance to meet her favorite celebrity.

Just a few weeks ago, another video of Top Gear star Richard Hammond granting a sick little girl her wish to drive in pink Lamborghini got viral.

Such nice gestures from celebs make you like them even more.

Watch Hank’s excitement while going through Sarah’s scrapbook in the video above. 

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