Autocorrect Fails So Miserably It Makes A Blonde Girl Blind

When requesting goods and services via text message, proofreading is vital. Otherwise, your blonde cake topper might end up blind.

Text messaging probably isn’t the best way to order a cake, as one mother recently learned upon requesting her daughter’s 21st birthday cake and receiving an awkward surprise all because of an autocorrect blunder.

Emily Seggie — whose sister, Laura, recently celebrated official “adulthood” — posted to social media about her mother asking a friend to make her sister’s birthday cake in a text that was meant to be very thorough and detailed, but turned out completely wrong.

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Seggie’s mom meant to ask for, “a plain white cake with a grey ribbon and bow and a blonde girl on top,” but instead she asked for a “blind girl in top.”

blond girl cake

The family friend made the cake exactly the way it was asked for without verifying that the description was accurate.

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"My mum realized the mix up when she went to collect the cake and it didn't have a blonde girl on it, then my mum's friend showed her the text," Seggie said according to Mashable. "At first my sister wanted to take it off but then decided to keep it on."

Seggie said her sister and family were a little worried about the cake topper being considered offensive, but they saw the humor in the situation and decided to serve it as it was. 

Sometimes autocorrect can be a real pain. The feature that's supposed to help alleviate errors often ends up creating them and sometimes they are really, really bad! 

Check out more hilarious autocorrect fails below:


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