Awesome Father Gets Tattoos Of His Son's Drawings

Patty Clark
This father loves his son so much that he gets tattoos of his sons drawings.

This dad deserves a father of the year award. Keith Anderson, a father living in Peterborough, Ontario, regularly gets tattoos of drawings that his young son, Kai, creates. And the result is actually pretty remarkable. 

Dad Turns Son's Doodles Into Real-Life Tattoos

Dad Tattoos His Son's Art On His Arms Every Year

They've been doing this together for seven years. This Dad Has Been Getting His Son's Drawings Tattooed

If he ever runs out of space, Anderson says Kai will just have to make smaller drawings. Dad preserves son's drawings with tattoos on arm

Anderson says he always brings his son to the tattoo parlor to help him choose which drawing to get. He says it's one of the best activities they can do together. Father Gets a Tattoo Sleeve of His Son's

Kai has even helped him tattoo some of the drawings on his dad. Canadian dad gets son's drawings tattooed on his body

That's definitely one committed way to show you are proud of the things your kids do. Doodles on dad: Father has tattoo sleeve of kid's art