Awww Of The Day: Rescued Baby Sea Otter Learns To Swim

The yet-to-be-named sea otter pup was rescued in central California.


Human babies are cute but this otter baby is a close 2nd! Watch as she drinks from a bottle and learns to swim. Squee! 

The otter pup was rescued along the Central California coast and cared for around-the-clock at the  Monterey Bay Aquarium for four weeks.  Now, experts announced that the baby is continuing rehabilitation at Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium in Chicago. 

beachgoer was taking an evening stroll and heard the newborn pup crying and notified marine officials. Experts are hoping she develops grooming, feeding, temperature regulating and foraging behaviors -- all necessary to survive at sea.

Known as “Pup 681" for now, Tim Binder, Shedd's vice president of animal collections commented on her rehabilitation, "As an organization dedicated to marine mammal care and conservation, we were perfectly positioned to ensure that this little pup had a home, providing the long-term care needed to survive.”

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