Axe Super Bowl Ad Taps Into A Desire That We All Have. It’s Not What You Think.

The Super Bowl ad from Axe is about something other than Axe leading to instasex.

Axe body spray is trying a new message. Normally the company makes ads that show that beautiful women will literally tackle you with lust if you are wearing Axe. But now, for its Super Bowl ad, Axe is taking a different tack, and introducing a new magic power somehow imbued within its odor. Now Axe can turn war into peace.

That’s what it’s called. Peace. By Axe.

We could go on a screed about how war is awful, messy and complicated, and that Axe shouldn’t make light of it, but all commercials are absurd. Products from Doritos to Lexus claim that buying what they are selling is all you need to do to get the girl. At least Axe is presenting peace as a desirable goal.

And also, someone rush some Peace by Axe to Geneva for the upcoming Syria negotiations, because those might not go well, and they could really use some of this stuff.

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