Baby At Edge Of Cliff!!! Is This Child Abuse?

The chilling moment a babycrawls to the edge of a 2,000 foot drop is caught on film. Is it child abuse?

Social media was buzzing today over a shocking (and scary) photo.

One of the most popular destinations in Norway is Pulpit Rock, a cliff that rises about 2,000 feet above a narrow and deep sea inlet.

A hiker saw parents let their 6 month old baby get very, very close to the edge. There are no fences around the area as officials believe it would spoil the view. 

“They let the baby crawl near the edge and they even walked back a few steps so that they could take pictures of the baby with Preikestolen in the background," he said. “I think it was very creepy. The baby could have fallen in any direction. I think it was very irresponsible.”

The hiker was going to warn the parents but they left before he had the chance. 

Is this child abuse or at least child endangerment? Many across social media are calling for an investigation. 

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