This Is What Happened When A Man Tried To Kill A Huge Wolf Spider

This is a nightmare – and not just for arachnophobes.

YouTuber Danny Ford was trying to kill one big spider but ended up killing dozens of smaller ones.

After spotting a female wolf spider taking a stroll on his kitchen floor in Hallet Cove, Australia, the man quickly grabbed a broom to squash the huge – and super scary – arachnid to death.

However, nightmare ensued when the egg sac attached to the spider’s body ruptured, releasing hundreds of baby spiders.

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Livescience explains that female wolf spiders lay eggs and carry them in a sac attached to their spinnerets.

Also, if the female is separated from the sac, it searches “furiously” for it. Mothers belonging to this particular order of Arachnida are known to “exhibit aggressive behavior” when carrying eggs.

After the eggs hatch, the spider babies attach themselves to their mother’s back and they live on her body for several days.

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