5 Videos For Parents Thrilled With Back-To-School Time

Don't bother holding it in, parents. We know you're gleeful the kids are going back to school.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for many parents -- back-to-school time. As the kids sharpen their No. 2 pencils and prepare to board the bus, a few parents can't help but share their glee. 

Of course, in this day and age, it's no longer enough to privately high five your spouse when the kids are packed off to school -- you need to create a viral video. 

From a "Baby Got Back" back-to-school parody to the ultimate joys of shopping alone, check out these parents celebrating the school bell. 

Baby Got Class

An ode to Sir Mix-a-Lot and a back-to-school celebration? These parents have it made. Welcome back the Holderness family to viral video fame. They previously took the Web by storm with a Christmas jammies jam.


Shopping Alone, Life's Greatest Luxury

Only parents who cart along four juice cups, gallons of snacks, extra diapers, change of clothes, three toys, etc. etc. to every shopping trip know the true pleasure of solo errands. These moms pack their kids off to school to enjoy one of life's greatest joys: going on errands without kids.


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This singer won't get an A in chorus, but there's no denying her joy. A classic Christmas song becomes a back-to-school anthem. 


I Came To Plan, Plan, Plan

Parents aren't the only ones who can celebrate back to school with viral videos. Check out these teachers with their finger on the pulse of pop culture with Taio Cruz' "Dynamite." 


This Is What Makes School Beautiful

Parents may be thrilled, but kids sometimes need a pick-me-up to get back in the school spirit. Two Wisconsin high school teachers know what their students like: viral videos and One Direction.

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