Backflipping Groom Knocks Bride Off Her Feet, And Not In The Good Way

This groom probably better NOT save the last dance. Or any of the ones before. Maybe he should dance in a corner, away from his hapless bride?

This groomsman’s dance chops are devastating. And we do mean devastating.

The above video shows bride and groom enter with a spring in their steps, if a little out of sync. But while the bride turns away from her groom, swaying beatifically with bouquet in hand, her new hubby gets a little…over-ambitious.

He does a back flip, which is impressive in itself (especially considering how the average wedding's alcohol stock can mess with your coordination), but then he gets a tad cocky. He goes for a second flip, and this one’s impressive in the way only the most spectacular fails are.

He knocks his blissfully unaware bride to the ground. A flower arrangement lands on her.

Groom rushes to her side, and in attempting to lift her, drops her once again. Finally, he and a wedding guest manage to pull her to her feet.

And through the entirety of this debacle, the groom doesn’t stop dancing. Not even for a moment.

We suppose that’s the kind of upbeat attitude that  keeps a marriage afloat. Right?

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