This Girl Took On A Sinking Canoe And Won. Prepare To Be Amazed.

A Malaysian girl, part of a 'sea nomad' tribe, won't let a canoe go down with a fight.

When your canoe is going down, what's a young girl to do? Definitely not sit idly by, as a Malaysian girl so awesomely proves.

With legs of steel and a determination to match, this girl literally rocks as she saves the canoe from sinking in Sabah, Malaysia. Check out her amazing skills.

As part of the Bajau Laut population, this girl likely will have a lifetime to practice her canoe-saving skills. The Bajau Laut are known as "sea nomads" and live in floating villages in the middle of the sea. 

With a life on the water, hopefully this girl will inspire plenty of more amazing videos like this. 

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