Balloons Released At Father’s Grave Come Home With A Message

This mother and daughter released a bunch of balloons at their loved one's grave. When they got home, they received a pleasant surprise.

Could a bunch of balloons be a message from heaven?

In memory of her late husband, a widow from Oklahoma and her daughter visited the cemetery where he was buried on the first Father’s Day after his untimely demise.

Sandy and Saige Seibold thought it would be a good idea to release a bunch of balloons in memory of Johnny Seibold along with a note to him. The two watched as the balloons sailed away into the sky and soon lost track of them, after which they decided to make their way home.

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The took the mother and daughter a couple of hours to get home and when they arrived, Saige decided to spend some time in a nearby pasture where she and her dad often hung out.

Saige was shocked to find that the balloons had somehow made their way “home.”

"I think I started crying. It felt like a message from him," Sandy Seibold told NBC News. "This has given us a lot of peace and good feelings about where he's at.”

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Do miracles actually exist? Could this be Johnny's way of telling his family he's OK? Watch the above video and find out.