This Video From A Fast Food Kitchen Will Ruin Your Appetite Forever

Planning to have a burger for lunch? Watch this first. This video is one of the many – many – reasons you shouldn’t eat fast food at all.

Footage has gone viral of a Checkers worker wiping a bun on the floor before continuing to make a burger for a customer with it.

In the video – which also contains some inappropriate language – a young woman wearing a Checkers uniform can be seen dropping a burger bun and smearing it around on the floor.

As she goes on to assemble a hamburger with the dirty bread, a person can be heard laughing in the background.

The incident reportedly occurred at a Baltimore area restaurant.

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After the 20-second clip prompted outrage on the Internet this week, the company responded.

In a recorded statement, Lori Malcolm, a spokeswoman for Checkers and Rallys, said the entire incident was filmed weeks ago and since then, the franchise owner terminated the employees involved.

"We spoke to the employee in the video and her mother, and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened," said Malcolm. "The product was never served to a guest," adding that the incident is still under a full investigation.

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