Bar Rewards Man For Not Drinking and Driving

This bar uses good incentives to keep everyone safe.

Bar, Reward, Drinking and Driving

This guy received a nice reward for choosing not to drink and drive.

Mack's Tavern gave this man a coupon when they saw that he left his car in the parking lot overnight.

The coupon has the bar's name at the top, and gives the person a huge thank you for being a responsible drinker.

It then goes on to say that they appreciate the person's business, and gave him $5 off his next tab.

The picture of the coupon was posted on Imgur, where many people had a lot to say. Some thought it was cool, and nice of the bar to acknowledge this guy's decisions. 

Other people said that giving five bucks off to an obvious heavy drinker is not necessarily a good idea, either.

Whatever the case is, hopefully Mack's Tavern will encourage other bars to give incentives to their customers so that they keep off the road when drinking.

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