Watch What Happened When President Obama Met Usain Bolt

The president could barely contain his excitement at meeting the living legend that is Usain Bolt.

One is the 'supposed' Leader of the Free World, and the other is the undisputed fastest man in the known history of the mankind. The two met, and as expected, it was big deal.

President Barack Obama visited Jamaica recently for the first time since taking office. There, he crossed paths with World Champion sprinter and six-time Olympic gold-medalist Usain Bolt.

Due to Obama's stature in world politics, Bolt should've been the one more excited, but no. Lightning Bolt didn't let his emotions run amok, although the president sure did seem to be in awe.

“Nobody’s ever been faster than this guy! Ever! Of all the billions of people!" Obama said while posing in front of the photographers.

What happened next was pretty much expected. The two struck the famous lightning pose, which is Bolt's trademark choice of celebration after every win.

While he didn't show much emotion during the meeting, Bolt later posted a video on Instagram with the caption: "What can I say.. It was truly a great honour meeting the President of United States of America@barackobama."

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