Barista Does Mind-Blowing Portrait Of Wolverine In Hugh Jackman’s Latte

Hugh Jackman got his coffee from a talented barista, and the results were X-cellent.




Hugh Jackman, star of the X-Men movies as the powerful but tortured Wolverine is both very famous and, despite having played many roles on stage and screen, very much identified with Wolverine. Baristas at coffee shops are not recognizable, but they might have hidden talents just waiting to shine, though, unlike Hugh Jackman, the world has not seen their abilities.

Today, these two forces (Hugh Jackman and talented barista) met, and the result was some epic latte art. Behold: Wolverine (as portrayed by Hugh Jackman). Medium: latte. Price: Around $4 for Hugh Jackman. Resale value potentially higher (however, it is likely that the art has been consumed by Jackman, and is no longer for sale).

Now we just need Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and the rest of the X-Men cast to order coffee from this same barista.



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