Is The Best/Worst Thing On The Internet (Contains Bizarre Pictures)

Are you ready for what is definitely the worst and possibly the best thing on the internet? Presenting, Bathpic (contains bizarre pictures). is the worst/best thing on the internet. Actually, I'm not going to try to defend the "best" half of that slash, but for an internet bursting with sexy pictures disguised as any kind of worthy content, I appreciate, at least a little, a meme devoted to people, naked (presumably) and also looking their worst.

To take a bath pic, follow these steps closely, or face endless mockery from anonymous bath pic connoisseurs, who, to be sure, take themselves very seriously.

1. Take a bath. It doesn't count if you just get in the tub, there has to be water. Bonus points for soap.

2. Make a crazy, stretched out face. You can smile, but it can't be a friendly smile. We're looking more for a deranged grin. Wide eyes are strongly encouraged, as is looking like a huge bloated frog.

3. Take a picture. Nothing too scandalous, there are children on the internet.

4. Post on

5. Enjoy fame, adoration, more money than you know what to do with, and strangers coming up to you and asking you to make the face.

Now, against all sorts of better judgment, are a few examples to get you started.






There you have it folks. The moral of this story is that I had to look at these photos, so you did too.

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