Tip For BBC Host: Using Awkward Weather Innuendos To Flirt Is Always, Always A Bad Idea

“Are your isobars tightly packed?” asked Bill Turnbull of BBC Breakfast show. Eek.

Reporters and television anchors get into all sorts of awkward and often dangerous situations, pretty much all the time.

They fall into rivers, receive head-butts from goats and are sent into raging blizzards.

It’s a tough yet interesting life, no doubt about that.

However, a BBC weather presenter found herself in an uncomfortable position in the safety of her studio when one of her colleagues tried to flirt with her on air using strange weather-related innuendos.

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Dressed in a gorgeous, figure-hugging red dress, Carol Kirkwood was presenting her report when BBC Breakfast host Bill Turnbull asked the lady if her isobars were "tightly packed."

While Kirkwood handled the situation by responding with a giggle and saying that they were getting “a nice big squeeze,” co-presenter Louise Minchin appeared to laugh uncomfortably on the sofa.

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Watch the super awkward moment in the video above.

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