BBC Presenter Loses It During Live Interview After Spotting Blue Whale

Blue whales were once hunted in such large numbers that 99% of their population disappeared. So a moment like this isn't just charming. It's sort of a miracle.

When you consider that keeping your calm, keeping your focus on the conversation at hand, and letting your interviewee finish speaking are just good form for any journalist, it would seem that this BBC presenter has failed on every count.

In truth, however, Big Blue Live presenter Steve Backshall's inability to hold back his enthusiasm at the sight of an honest-to-God, there-in-the-flesh blue whale is tremendously endearing. What's more, it's a testament to how extraordinary this moment is. This is the first time a blue whale sighting has been broadcast live on television. And, with any luck, it won't be the last.

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In the above clip, Backshall can be seen interviewing Monterey whale expert Doris Welch when he gets word that a blue whale has been spotted nearby. As a live clip of the whale plays over the screen, an exhilarated Backshall recounts the tragic but ultimately triumphant history of the blue whale. Hunted almost to extinction, they are now making a comeback due to dedicated conservation efforts.

"When I started off filming wildlife just 16 years ago, if someone had said 'go and film a blue whale,' I would have said they were crazy ... these animals have made such an extraordinary come back."

Our favorite part of this stunning moment is the sharp distinction between the reporters' breathless amazement and the blue whale's, well, utter obliviousness. It's just chilling, y;know? It just wants to get its krill on.

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