This Small Act Of Kindness Can Change Lives

Just watch what a difference a cookout makes for Atlanta's homeless.

Most homeless people live their lives unseen, purposefully looked past or ignored on city streets. So it's great to see a group of people put on a barbecue specifically for Atlanta's homeless.

The group behind Give Back Films had a simple idea: grill out in the park and invite homeless people to join in for a meal at Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. It's amazing how a small act can help out a vulnerable person. 

Check out the video to see why this act of generosity almost came crashing down several times.

Give Back Films is a group that shows what small, everyday acts of kindness really mean. They've given out $100 to homeless people, paid for people's gas, tipped low-paid service workers hundreds of dollars and more. 

They put their videos on YouTube to show the impact of random acts of kindness.

"Here at GiveBackFilms, we have been fortunate enough to be in a better position than a lot of people in the world. For that reason, we want to give back, and that is what our channel is all about! We put these videos on YouTube in hopes that some of you will be inspired to go out and do similar things! Pay it forward."

Check out some of their other good deeds:


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