What’s More Hipster Than Decorating Beards With Flowers? THIS.

July 15, 2014: Who knew you could do so much with beards!

Crowning beards with flowers is a thing now – apparently.

After Tumblr blogger Pierre Thiot posted a selfie of his beard decorated with flowers, dozens of guys followed suit, posting photos of their facial hair adorned with flowers, leaves and – in some extreme cases – bouquets.

It was like Thiot provided an opportunity to these poor fellows to sport their beards with pride on the Internet – for once. (We don’t really have many viral trends for bearded men, do we?)

However, it didn’t start off with flowers.

Thiot had crazier ideas before he thought of using flowers on his blog “WILL IT BEARD”.

From Cheetos to Lego blocks, the man has tried everything under the sun – well almost everything.

The Lego Beard:

The iPhone Beard:

The Cheesy Beard:

The Striped Beard:

The Sticky Beard:

The Springy Beard:

The Bubbly Beard:

The Hot Beard:

And, The Ultra Bristly Beard:

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