An Insane Bearded Man In Texas Is Putting Up ISIS Posters

A bearded man in Texas has been showing his rampant support for ISIS.

Adam Abdulrahman is a bearded man who likes to dress as a terrorist and claims to be the “Islamic caliphate state fact reporter.”  

In what can only be described as a bizarre range of incidents, he has been seen going around Houston, plastering whatever he deems worthy with ISIS stickers.

The victims of his vandalism include memorials, city vehicles, grocery store checkout machines and who knows what else – you’d have to check keep an eye on the updates he posts on twitter or YouTube.

In his rampant and what can only be described as overwhelmingly loyal support for ISIS, he documents himself during the process.  Apart from his would be ISIS campaigning, he also is very willing to disclose his opinion on American culture.

As it turns out, while officials are keeping an eye on him, they don’t seem to view him as a threat.

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