These Beauty Bloggers Transform Trolls' Words Into Stunning Makeup Art

The internet has tons of trolls waiting to spam accounts with negative comments, here's what a few beauty bloggers did in response.

Interested in makeup or not, these beauty bloggers are doing something beautiful in response to negative feedback on their accounts. Instagram goddesses Bella DeLune (@belladelune) and Make Up by Alo (@makeupby_alo) did a collaboration that brings a whole new meaning to, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Queens of contouring, they decided to use their amazing makeup skills to show the world that, “negativity can be around us all the time, but guess what? I can just literally blend it away” says Bella Delune. While some call it clown contouring, whatever it's called this new makeup art is spreading like wildfire on Instagram and Youtube.

First, the two makeup queens who started it all:

Another fantastic one from @makeupby_alo 

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Make up is an art form with new recognition and appreciation, but as these beauty bloggers have experience not all reactions are positive and uplifting. Instead of staying quiet or just responding with a comment, what better way to shut up those haters than showing how amazingly talented these beauty bloggers are. Here are other contouring queens who followed their favorite makeup artists. 


Day 30: Summer Circus Video - Turn Up the Volume Song: ??Kamisama Dolls - Kakashi Got a little courage and inspiration to do this from @belladelune & @makeupby_alo collabo ????#belladelune Blended version next! @wallflower_artistry #wallflower_artistry #jessica7kchallenge On Lids: White Eyeshadow Base @nyxcosmetics 100 Eyeshadow Palette @elfcosmetics Black Liquid Eyeliner @elfcosmetics Purple Brows via @essence_cosmetics shadow crayon On Lips: Purple by Profusion On Face: Bronzer/Highlighter(contour) & Matte Blush Palette by BeautyTreats #makeupclips #makeupvideoss #makeuptutorials #lipart #makeupart #pout #vegas_nay #inssta_makeup #dressyourface #wakeupandmakeup #batalash #hudabeauty #queenofblending #makeupfanatic1 #beautyofig #thepremiumvanity #beatthatface #iloveigmuas #universodamaquiagem_oficial #doyouevenblend #lipstickmafia #slave2beauty #playbeautifully #nyxcosmetics #makeupjunkie #facedrafting #kakashi

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