Model Reveals Her Real Looks In Photos-Loses Thousands Of Followers

It seems that people prefer to live in a fantasy world and feel the need to pull down those who don’t do the same.

A popular model known for sharing stylish photoshoots and luxurious life on Instagram is now turning things around and losing thousands of followers as a result.


Autumnal nights & Fur ????

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A Human synth??

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Fur, sunglasses & green tea

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Stina Sanders, a London resident who has posed for several significant publications like FHM and Maxims decided to use her Instagram account to show the real side of her life to her followers and started posting realistic and ntreated photos.

The idea behind it was to show people that not everything that appears on social media is as glamorous as it may seem in real life.

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Sanders therefore posted images with chipped nails, undergoing facial hair treatments and even therapy sessions, and captioned them with what they actually felt like.


De-fuzzing Monday! ??

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She seems to be following the footsteps of popular Instagram celebrity Essena O’Neil who recently quit social media and re-captioned many of her photos to show people the negative side of trying to appear perfect on the internet.  

Surprisingly, not everyone wants to see what the real behind the scenes life of a model looks like, and soon Sanders lost over 3000 followers. However, there are those who actually appreciate her efforts. However, that in no way compensates for the large numbers of followers she is losing.

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"People don’t want to see reality because they see that every day," she told The Huffington Post in an email on Thursday. "Plus people want inspiration. It's only human to look at others and want the same, if not better."  

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