Benedict Cumberbatch Cannot Pronounce The Word “Penguin” And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Sherlock can't get this one right. Benedict Cumberbatch is a man of many talents.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a man of many talents. He is not only a brilliant actor – with killer chiseled cheekbones – but he is also an equally incredible narrator.

He has narrated numerous documentaries for the National Geographic and Discovery Channel. In 2011, he provided Stephen Hawking's voice in the first episode of the television series “Curiosity.”

Cumberbatch has also read for several audiobooks, including Casanova, The Tempest, Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries and Other Stories and many more. In addition, he has done voice-overs for several commercials, for big companies such as Jaguar, Sony and Pimms.

In 2012, Google launched the first advertisement for its social network Google+ which was a 90-second spot, called ''Google+: Tom". It featured Cumberbatch reading William Shakespeare’s “The Seven Ages of Man.”

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However, no matter how velvet-smooth, rich, beautiful, resonant and brandy-hued baritone voice he has, there is one word Benedict Cumberbatch just cannot pronounce correctly.

In the video above, several clips have been taken from a BBC documentary about the South Pacific narrated by Cumberbatch, and you will be surprised to know that the accomplished actor is struggling to say the word "Penguin".

It sounds a little awkward but adorable nonetheless.

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Cumberbatch has also signed up for a voice role in DreamWorks Animation's film Penguins of Madagascar, which is set for release on November 26 next month. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to say the word “penguins” in it.

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